TSM can help you to plan out your projects.
We specialise in carrying out numerical and analytical calculations to verify the sizing of all types of structures (except civil engineering).
For each of our projects, we provide our partners with a document known as the "Steel structure calculation note" or "Expert report", which summarises our research.


We use the Autodesk Simulation Mechanical finite element analysis software.

We work according to the conventions on the provision of calculation notes (analytical and/or numerical).

In a calculation note, the object of the note, the structure designation, the name and the address of the site (or town) in which it is located must all be as detailed as possible.

To create these documents, we take many elements into account, including the detailed plans provided, customer specifications, climatic and seismic zoning, materials, the constituent (or required) elements of the existing structure, and reference standards for the size calculations.

We also apply the appropriate load case to the structure (thermal, stationary, transient, static, dynamic, etc.).

TSM designs piping networks (gas, liquid, water vapour, superheated water, etc.) according to the applicable codes and standards.

We can design and create isometric drawings with the associated nomenclature.

We can define, design and install support elements (anchors, guides, spring supports, etc.).

Our isometric drawings are created using AutoCAD (in 3D). This allows us to quickly start prefabricating and assembling the piping.

These drawings provide an accurate overview of piping networks.

In addition, we also carry out modelling using the SolidWorks software to create a 3D version of our piping systems.


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