Grenoble-Alpes Métropole BIOMAX production unit.

TSM built the pipe networks for superheated water, steam, condensates and utilities.

Superheated water networks for the Grenoble and Chambery heating companies.

TSM built underground networks to carry superheated water from the main boiler rooms to the building substations.

As this work was carried out on the road, it required special authorisation and additional security with regard to road users.

Water circulates continuously in the networks at 19 to 22 bars of pressure using variable flow pumps, which regulate the heat distribution and maintain a pressure balance at each point of the network.

The welds in this type of installation must be checked using radiographic testing, and therefore require a highly qualified workforce and specific safety measures.

Stationery store

Banque de France (BDF) paper mill in Vic-le-Comte: prefabrication and assembly of the piping system.

Piping for the BDF banknote paper machine (fiduciary).

Following the extension of the Banque de France paper mill in Vic-le-Comte, (Puy-de-Dôme), TSM manufactured all the utility and paper pulp piping for the M3F machine in 2017.
This machine makes paper rolls for the creation of future European banknotes.

This installation required very specific checks, including cotton tests of the interior of the pipes and welds.

Double-walled piping

TSM designed and produced double-walled pipes for one of its main customers.

This system allows for adhesive to be transported in a liquid state at a constant temperature thanks to the use of a heat transfer fluid.
The production of these double-walled pipes requires significant know-how in terms of both piping and welding.

When it comes to assembly, preparation is key: this system required a great deal of care and a clear methodology.


Biogas plants

TSM produced Biogas plants for one of its main customers, used primarily in the agricultural sector.

The purpose of these plants is to collect, filter, treat and analyse biomethane from the fermentation of organic waste, with the aim of injecting it into the city gas grid.

  • Biogaz HEEE
  • Biogaz KAPOSVAR


Hydraulic networks for the EDF power station in Asasp-Arros (64).

We manufactured all of the stainless steel hydraulic piping to control the safety valves before the turbines.

Cooling networks for the Rizzanese dam (Corsica).

TSM was selected to produce and install all of the DN150 stainless steel piping for the alternators of the hydraulic dam. For this project, the pipes were manufactured in our workshops in Champ-sur-Drac. TSM has accrued a selection of first-rate equipment (in terms of both facilities and industrial equipment, including saws, benders, welding stations, test pumps, etc.), allowing its teams to independently carry out the projects proposed by its partners. .

ST Microélectronique CROLLES

Prefabrication and assembly of the chilled water network.

Chilled & hot water network

Prefabrication and assembly for MINATEC GRENOBLE

Chilled water to supply the air conditioning and heating systems for the Minatec offices and laboratories. This project presented a particular challenge, as part of the network had to be prefabricated and mounted on a rack before being installed on the roof terrace, allowing it to connect two buildings 20 metres apart.


Cooling skids for MOX ovens..

One of our customers, who has been specialising in ovens for the nuclear industry for over 40 years, commissioned us to produce utility skids (piping + integration with the frame) to enable the operation of these ovens.
We carried out this project in our workshops according to American standards (NQA-1).

These standards required multiple quality control procedures and total traceability.


SUPERGRID loop for hydraulic dam.

Test loop for simulating and sizing turbines for hydraulic dams.

Prefabrication and assembly of the SRTU fluid network piping at the ESRF GRENOBLE TSM replaced the entire piping network for the storage ring machinery on behalf of the ESRF.

This machinery was installed in a closed circular tunnel (the SRTU) measuring about 900 metres in circumference.

Most of the heat produced by the machine components is transferred out of the tunnel by way of water circulation. This tunnel is divided into 32 sectors (known as cells) which are supplied with water by 32 secondary branches.

Prefabrication and assembly of chlorine piping for MSSA.

TSM was responsible for the size calculations, supply, manufacture, transport and assembly of the piping, support structure and insulation for the "Chlorine Debromination" project from MSSA.


Thermal heater

Working to a very short deadline, TSM produced several comprehensive skid systems (painted steel frame, thick steel pipes).

For this installation, TSM demonstrated its dedication and flexibility by providing its staff with specialised training to meet the customer's requirements (relevant welding qualifications).


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