"TSM is a flexible, reactive company on a human scale that supports its customers through 2 activities. Initially, it was an industrial pipework. Today, for more than 10 years, TSM manufacture the stations of hydrogen supply that will ensure the energy transition".

In 2001, the founder of the company, Hassan RACHEDI joined DB Enterprise as a pipe fitter. He worked alongside Mr Didier BILLAUD who gave him the chance to improve as a business manager. 3 years later, following March 2004, H.R. decided to create TSM Company.

TSM got ahead thanks to strong and true human values which are their strength.

Today, there are 30 collaborators at TSM. An attentive listening, nice work conditions, and a fair recognition are the core values of the social relationship. These are TSM key strengths. Our co-workers are highly involved in their work and loyal to the company, which has a very low turnover of staff.
TSM’s teams are fully dedicated to us and always give their best.
This is all that, TSM, but also a big family!


TSM has been active in the field of industrial piping for the past 16 years, and has specialised in the manufacture of hydrogen filling stations for the last decade.

Working closely with our customers, we have adapted our methods to suit the technical requirements of the market.

We provide support at every stage of each project, from feasibility studies to implementation, and from quality control to maintenance of the installations.

Our technicians all play a vital role in the company, and undergo regular training to keep up with our ever-evolving business.

In just a few years, TSM has grown from a system integrator to a hydrogen station manufacturer.


This diversification has allowed us to operate in two different areas, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the company.

However, this strategic decision did carry some risks in terms of finances and the choice of fuel.

Today, we are convinced that we made the right choice: hydrogen is the fuel of tomorrow.

A powerful force against CO2 emissions, hydrogen is going to dominate environmental discussions for years to come.


Over the years, our drive has allowed our company to grow and evolve. We made a promise to our customers to always stay true to our core principles. That's why we decided to start manufacturing hydrogen filling stations. This endeavour reflects our drive and our customers' ambitions. Our drive pushes us to look to the future, to keep learning and evolving, and to never give up. TSM is set apart by its dedication, constant momentum, adaptability and reactivity.


Improving safety and protecting our employees is one of TSM's primary objectives. In light of the current health crisis, this goal is more pressing than ever. Safety is everyone's business: it is a state of mind, a collective approach. We are therefore striving to develop and maintain a safety-conscious organisational culture to eliminate risk across the board. This goal is very ambitious, but we believe it is an instrumental part of our work.


Our overarching goal is to be a force for good in the world. To inspire our employees to meet their goals, we are constantly improving working conditions and seeking out new challenges, like new sources of energy. We also offer a variety of training options and a positive environment to encourage personal development.


In a SME made up of 30 employees, solidarity is essential for creating a successful work environment. To ensure that every employee is a perfect fit for TSM, we always look for individuals with good teamwork skills. Solidarity is a state of mind: it affects the way organise ourselves and the quality of our relationships.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!


All of our TSM employees are driven by a single goal: customer satisfaction. The company has assembled a team with strong values and a range of complementary skills and attributes. This cohesive group allows TSM to look to the future and focus on some incredible projects.

At TSM, we employ a variety of manual workers who want to undergo further training in our field. When everyone gives their all, our dream can become a reality: a safe work environment founded on listening and sharing knowledge, where everyone has a say in the company's strategic decisions.

The best results are born from experience, so we are always willing to push ourselves.

If you're looking for adventure, this is the place to be!


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