COVID-19 information

· In light of the current epidemic, TSM was able to react quickly to protect its employees and customers by implementing new safety rules and preventative measures.

All of our staff have undergone:
· An RT-PCR test to detect the virus genome from a nasopharyngeal sample.

· All staff and visitors must have their temperature taken twice a day upon arrival and departure.
· If the reading is over 37.5 °C, the person cannot enter the premises.

· Strict hygiene measures must be observed:
· Wearing masks while working in the workshop
· Respecting social distancing by staying 1 m apart
· Regularly washing/disinfecting hands.

· Additional rules must also be observed:
· Limiting the number of people in the canteen
· Only using every second locker in the cloakroom
· Avoiding passing close by other people
· Not lending equipment.
· A waste management procedure has been put in place to comply with hygiene measures and avoid contamination.